Christen Funder
Thomas Andersen
(Omkr 1766-1834)
Kiersten Christensdatter
(Omkr 1771-1836)
Maren Thomasdatter



1. Jens Michelsen

Maren Thomasdatter

  • Født: 1789, Odder, Hads, Århus
  • Dåb: 25 Jan. 1789, Odder Kirke, Hads, Århus
  • Ægteskab (1): Jens Michelsen den 14 Nov. 1814 i Randlev, Hads, Århus
  • Død: 4 Feb. 1873, Randlev, Hads, Århus at age 84
  • Begravet: 10 Feb. 1873, Randlev Kirke, Hads, Århus

punkttegn  Notater:

Ved FT 1860 Århus, hads, Randlev, Rørth-Ell, et hus (9)
Maren Thomasen, 73 år, lever af lodden, født i Odder
Boende hos svigersønnen Just Jensen og datteren Maren Jensen

punkttegn  Dåbsnotater:

opslag 314

punkttegn  Begravelsesnotater:

alder 87 år


Maren blev gift med Jens Michelsen, søn af Michel Cortsen og Ane Rasmusdatter, den 14 Nov. 1814 i Randlev, Hads, Århus. (Jens Michelsen blev født den 10 Jun. 1786 i Nølev, Hads, Århus, dåb den 16 Jul. 1786 i Nølev Kirke, Hads, Århus, døde den 19 Feb. 1852 i Randlev, Hads, Århus og blev begravet den 28 Feb. 1852 i Randlev Kirke, Hads, Århus.)

punkttegn  Om Jens og Maren

• trolovet, 7 Okt. 1814, Randlev Kirke, Hads, Århus.

punkttegn  Parnotater:

Begge tjener på Rodsteens Eje Hovedgård.

Hovedstrup (later Rodsteenseje) mentioned in the first part of the 14th century and remained in private hands until 1481, when the farm was placed under the Crown and Manor of Åkjær. After the loss of Skåne in 1660 was the Empire's drost Joachim Gersdorff entrusted, inter alia, Åkjær including Hovedstrup as a replacement for the given country in Skåne. Gersdorff died, however, in 1661, and the property was divided between nine heirs. Hovedstrup was his daughter Sophie Amalie, who was married to Admiral Rodsteen. the new owner changed the farm's name to Rodsteenseje. In 1681 they let the current main building. It consists of a three-tiered timber-framed building in one floor above a high basement lined with boulders. A later owner added by the mid-18th century a tower on the main wing courtyard side. Farm buildings are mostly built after a devastating fire in 1918. the farm went down until 1817, and in 1835 it was sold at auction to Otto Valdemar Hagemann, after which the place changed hands quite frequently in order to be sold in 1927 to Eigil Schmiegelow, who created the dairy Estate is situated in Odder town etc. South-eastern outskirts, and its presence and the changing generations here has in many ways influenced the development of the Otter. St. St. Blicher had his time here during the time he was a tenant farmer with the father in the Vicarage Randlev. The main building and farm buildings from the beginning of this century is very well maintained. Rodsteenseje falls under the Åkjær Gods, and owned by Kofoed-Jørgensen, who bought the estate for Jeppe Aakjær back in 2011.

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